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Frequently Asked Questions about Detox Cleansing

Q: What is detoxing and cleansing?

Basically this is a process when a person undergoes a program involving diet change or supplement to the diet to eliminate toxins and waste from the body that can build up over time. Your body does this naturally on a regular basis through metabolism which uses naturally occurring chemical responses in order to change compounds into much less toxic compounds which can be excreted from your body through bowel movements, sweating, urinating. However, numerous factors can weaken this crucial function and hindering your body to eliminate these kinds of harmful substances when needed. When your system becomes overloaded, toxins begin to develop in the body and consequently impacting its overall health. Body detox and cleansing helps to release this burden.

Q: What is a toxin?
A toxin is any kind of substance that is harmful to your body. There are many different types of pollution and toxins including substances generated by disease-causing bacteria, synthetics, and processed foods. 

Q: Who should detox?

Our bodies detoxify naturally daily, which allows us to stay well balanced. However, occasionally our bodies can become overloaded with toxins and aren’t able to thoroughly cleanse the tissues and the organs. Most anyone can benefit from what a detox will provide. A detoxification provides your body with a “service and a tune-up”, just as you would give your car a service when it is not running smoothly.

Q: What is it like to detox?

Everyone’s experience with detox is different; your current level of health and fitness plays a big part in how you will feel. Basically, the healthier you are when you start a detox program the simpler it will be.

Q: What is the right time to start a detox?

The right time to detox is when you start to feel sluggish and congested. Detoxing usually gives your whole body a beneficial boost of renewed energy and vitality. Generally speaking, times during the seasonal changes tend to be the most effective time to detox your body, especially springtime and the autumn months. When you start to become cleaner, you will notice that you will have less side-effects and have more energy and feel fresher.

Q: What precautions and safeguards should I take?

You shouldn’t start any detoxification program:
• If you are pregnant and/or breast-feeding a baby.
• Before or shortly after any major surgery when the body is weak
• If you suffer from any long-term physical or mental illness, or if you are undertaking treatment for cancer
• If you are under 18 years or over 65 years of age
• You should consult with your doctor before stopping any kind of medications that were prescribed by your doctor for you
• If you take medication as a diabetic, it is important to continue to monitor your blood sugar frequently while on a detox or cleanse program, and be supervised by your doctor

Q: Is it OK to exercise and detox?

Yes, you can exercise and detox. Exercise is important for the detoxing process. Monitor how your body and energy levels are, and listen to how your body feels on a regular basis. Exercise does help flush out toxins more affectively from your body and also helps release stored stress and tension. Exercise helps to promote positive thinking, boost your confidence and calms your mind; it also overall improves a sense of health and wellbeing.

Q: Do I keep taking my medication during detox?

If you’re taking medicine prescribed by your doctor, then it’s best to consult your doctor concerning your situation. Your doctor will advise you what to do about your medication and will talk about any concerns you have.

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